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You are sponsoring a revolutionary NEW SOLUTION!

Monumental Opportunity of a lifetime!

Life has been hard for Molly. She joined the US Army right out of highschool, following her parents footsteps, and deployed to Iraq. She came home severely wounded, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She seemed to be well adjusted, she was always cheerful, always willing to help out. But her wounds finally got to her and she killed herself.

Blue Winds Dancing Sanctuary is launching a revolutionary NEW Solution with our 90-Day Honoring the HERO within program that will ultimately END suicide and homelessness.

Our inaugural program will be at "The Land" in Eloin Forest Oregon, and is open to 8 Female Veterans, Spouses/Significant Others, daughters or granddaughters (over age 18) , and we NEED a minimum of $50,000.00 for this monumental opportunity!

People like you have been helping Veterans for a very long time. Thanks to your generosity we will successfully launch this program, creating lasting impact. We'll stretch every dollar you give so you help the greatest number of people in the most life=transforming way!

A brand new world is on the horizon and its better than any of us can imagine, but to achieve it is now a matter of life and death!
We need you to surround and care for those who are so disfigured spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically after fighting for your freedoms. We need YOU to NEVER give up !

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